Big Bang, Medium, and updates

I finally got around to watching, “The Adorkable Misogyny of the Big Bang Theory” and they deserve a lot of praise for succinctly saying what many people feel just by watching one episode. Folks come into contact with and are affected negatively by those who live within the tropes of that show and reproduce harmful behavior toward others. Maybe I’m just not familiar with the rules of sit-coms, but I think it’s worth talking about how some shows have characters that stay static for seasons on end making the same mistakes. This static way of living reproduces the most despicable part of humanity — this idea that people don’t change, can’t change, won’t change, and are inept at seeing themselves. People don’t grow, blah blah. These characters on TV take punches, go through traumatic experiences, have their entire life flipped upside-down, but nine seasons later are still stuck in the same place they started. Then when it’s time for the series to end, something has to happen. It’s the opposite of self-aware, an AI machine’s nightmare. Writing people like that also robs them of any agency in their lives, but I digress, when your life’s narrative is bound to someone else’s pen, I suppose any character development is dependant on the writer.

I have a couple problems with Medium and they might be dumb and completely uninformed, but this is my imaginary play space so even though this may be inaccurate, have fun. I will tag this one #FICTION because I can best describe what’s to follow as word-riddle, an artfully (maybe distastefully) crafted rant.

Despite being praised by blog-enthusiasts that Medium is the most happy medium for followers, promising to maximize potential growth and claiming to act as connective tissue for your arid network of bones within your flesh-bag of an online internet presence, Medium’s arrogance in simplicity goes a step too far by predicting how long a piece of prose will take for an average reader to consume. Fuck your philandering, fuck your precious AlGore-hymns, anticipating the amount of time (a subjective construct superimposed by a standard of “seconds”) it takes for an average person to digest something. “2min read” “13 min read” “one hundred thousand MINOOT expectations for you to live by,” allowing for your audience to take action on clicking not by the content but rather the amount of content available against the anticipated amount of time one is willing to spend browsing any given page is bullshit. Here’s a public plea for you and it’ll take 10 seconds to interpret or you can be stuck contemplating this explosion beyond the grave, you human-machine! “Medium commodifies time and anticipates your actions by making money off of the analytic machination of tracking page movement. So make way for the praise of mooching money by selling indigestible information incorrigible to incohesive inanimate but always interpretive Invocatours!” /rantOVER

Your Regular Programming is scheduled to resume immediately. Prepare to be appealed to in 3… 2.. 1.

All of this to announce that I will, as all the “100 greatest bloggers of now” do, be posting the same bloggin noggin content across multiple sites. Medium, I am not exclusive to you, but I will continue to let you measure and present my content consensually. Constant vigilance is easy on one site, we’ll see how I fare across the millennia.


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