Well, let’s get this shit started

Honorary post of my queen as I begin my jouney

Hi guys! Firstly thank you to the few people that were interested enough to open this up, or I mean were just bored and had nothing better to do. I appreciate it all the same

This has been SUCH a long time coming, I’ve been thinking of starting a blog for like the past two years but uni…as well as laziness…..as well as the thought that it would be shit and no one would care about the rubbish I’d write got in the way. But here’s me being brave now

This is honestly just a space for me to randomly write about whatever’s on my mind at the time, that’s basically it, not much of a structure lmao. So I’ll be posting short stories, little write ups, rants and whatever the fuck I want to be honest. I’ve been writing for a pretty long while now, in secondary school I used to have this book with a story I was writing at the time, it got passed around a lot and I felt very much in demand and this led to a raising of shoulders (they will never come down btw) but then my friend lost my book and that was the end of my author career (yes Ibukun, this shade is for you). Tbh I just never felt like writing much again after that, I wrote a couple of stories on Wattpad a while back but haven’t finished those till date, so yeah….this is me trying all over again

I write a lot when I’m overwhelmed, when I’m going through a lot and want to die basically, it’s literally the only thing that gets me through it all especially seeing as I don’t share my problems with anyone till it all builds up and explodes in my face…..yay. It just helps me unload all the thoughts trying to drown me, I write stories cause I have such a broad imagination and sometimes I just want to put it to use. So here’s my lil blog where I’ll put all my thoughts to paper….or laptop, I hope all of you who take the time out to read it actually like it. thanks a lot in advance

Tosin signing out

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