Tips To Help You Fight Arthritis Symptoms

The cartilage in the joints of your body will deteriorate over time and cause arthritis. Without cartilage, bones grind against one another which inflames the joints and causes pain. With the treatment options recommended here, arthritis can be very manageable.

Some of the discomforts of arthritis can be soothed by performing exercises that are low impact; like swimming, cycling and walking. Talk to your doctor before trying any exercises if you have concerns that it could possibly contribute to arthritic pain or discomfort.

Yoga and meditation are both useful when dealing with arthritis-related pain management. These relaxation techniques will calm your body and mind, reducing the severity of arthritis symptoms. You should do these exercises to alleviate your arthritis symptoms around 3 days a week.

If you have arthritis, say “no” to high heels and “yes” to comfortable flat shoes. Wherever your arthritis is, shoes that are uncomfortable will cause you to walk abnormally, aggravating your arthritis. A good option is to purchase a pair of well fitting sneakers that offer decent support.

Arthritis is very stress-sensitive, so you can see great results quickly if you learn to relax. The chemicals released by your body when you are stressed can aggravate your arthritis and increase your sensitivity to pain. You may want to consider brushing up on your time management skills or adding light exercise to help you cope with stress.

Remember your joints. Living with arthritis means that even the slightest effort spent on a small task can result in pain. Do not strain yourself by lifting. Pushing items across the floor is simpler. Also, never hesitate to ask for help. Protecting yourself from inflammation and irritation can relieve pain and distress, and help keep your joints more flexible. You may look at this page has more info on tiger balm

Try to manage your arthritis pain without resorting to pain killers, if at all possible. Prescriptions pain pills are often addictive and are used to temporarily treat your pain. If they have been prescribed by your doctor, do make sure to follow the instructions provided quite carefully.

Be a healthy weight to reduce the stress that is on your joints. Being too heavy can put too much pressure on your joints, resulting in a worsening of your arthritis. Instead of depriving yourself of food by skipping meals, opt for a healthy, nutritious diet.

A heating pad that provides moist heat can give relief to arthritis sufferers. If your arthritis pain is keeping you from completing your daily routine, you will find it helpful to invest in a moist heat pad. They will help you get some relief, however you should still see your doctor.

Rely on a sturdy cane for walking support. However, a cane, to many arthritis sufferers, tells people they are disabled so they go without it. If the cane lessens your pain, you will not be as disabled with one as you would be without on. Find a cane that is comfortable and that fits your style.

Take special precautions when you are in the sun, and protect yourself from UV rays with sun block. Arthritis sufferers are prone to illnesses related to sun exposure such as lupus. Just remember if you have arthritis to cover up your skin when outdoors in order to prevent further damage and diseases.

After you eat supper, try going on a walk. If you walk after dinner you will feel better and you will have more energy. Even a little walk with a family member or friend can have many positive affects on your health, and you get to spend quality time with this person.

Ask your doctors advice regarding using heat and/or cold therapy on your joints. Ice packs or a moist heating pad should take the pain away. Alternating between hot and cold treatments can increase circulation, bringing fresh blood to the area, but take care not to overdo this type of treatment.

Rest and sleep are integral, as they allow your body to recuperate. You can still enjoy your regular activities but your body will require more rest throughout the day. At the same time, resting too much can cause even more problems. If you want to decrease arthritis pain, it’s crucial to balance an active lifestyle with sleep and rest.

If you have arthritis, there are many treatment options available to reduce the amount of pain, swelling, and inflammation surrounding your joints. Be sure to take this information into consideration with any choices that you make in terms of arthritis treatment.