I chose to become a mathematics major because I had dreams of reforming the public education system as we know it now. I am convinced that the approach we’re on currently is one that seeks to automate and mechanize large parts of the learning process, much the same way that job application and hiring has been automated. Unfortunately, much like automated hiring, I believe that such automation — in an effort to streamline curriculum — ultimately renders education entirely ineffective.

When I read your opening remarks, I found myself feeling puzzled by the apparent problem you presented. I would hope…

I consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to make acquaintances of this insightful collection of individuals. I echo Tammam’s remarks — I very much look forward to the prospect socializing in person.

Regarding Vulnerability, Grit, and Growth:

Your everyday student is no stranger to the struggles of vulnerability in the world of public curriculum. There are no shortage of examples. The most immediate example I’ve witnessed often invoke threats to one’s social status, usually taking some form of ‘you don’t want to be held back a grade, now do you?’ When such negative ultimatums begin to manifest in…

Timothy, Timothy, Timothy,

Forgive me for beginning my message with such an informal opening. But in times such as these, times of local politics, it is the responsibility of every student to engage with their representatives; to send letters, to sit down and have discussions with close friends on and indeed across all levels of power, influence, culture, background, etc. And at the core of all such discussion lies clear communication.

An underlying message. A goal. Some would argue that it all boils down to persuasion. …

Let’s tackle this one part at a time.

What is Quora, and why do I want it?

As a social media platform, Quora actually used to be pretty acceptable. I’m of the mind that the one prominent feature that lead to Quora’s success as a Q&A website — a feature that made it stand out from any other platform, back when it first started — was that the primary flow of content wasn’t a string of low-attention-span quips. For the most part, content was restricted to long paragraphs of thoughtfully written content, likened to blog posts in length.

This unique…

Trevor Farrell

Science fiction novelist. Author of “To Let a Tiger Be,” along with a few other short stories. For more information, check out trevorfarrell.com

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