CNA Week #8

Trump Denies Family Claim He Disrespected Fallen Soldier

This story is about Donald Trump being quoted disrespecting a fallen soldier. It talks about how Trump denies the claims that he was disrespectful when speaking to the widow of a fallen soldier. Florida congresswoman Frederica Wilson will not back down from the claims she made about what she heard Trump say.

Supreme Court Stays Out of Ten Commandments Fight

This story is about a monument of the Ten Commandments in New Mexico. It talks about how the Supreme Court has decided to stay out of this particular case, although they have taken on cases regarding religious monuments before. The only way that this case will be decided is by determining the circumstances that led to its placement.

NFL Players Huddle With Owners Over National Anthem Protests

This story is about the ongoing issue with the National Anthem and the NFL. It talks about how 11 team owners and representatives came together Tuesday to try to calm the controversy. The NFL claims that their community have the utmost respect for America and are trying to find common ground to end this issue.

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