Pennsylvania State Governor Tom Wolf

Tom Wolf grew up in a small town in York County, which is in south central Pennsylvania. He originally went to Dartmouth for his college education, but took time off from his schooling to join the Peace Corps and serve a small village in India. Later, he went and earned his graduate degrees from the University of London and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Tom worked for his family’s lumber distributing business, the Wolf Organization, as a forklift operator and warehouse worker. However, his first full-time job was running a Tru-Value hardware store in Manchester, Pennsylvania. He later took on the family business with his cousins and was able to quintuple the business size before selling it in 2006.

Unfortunately, it did not take long for the business to start going bankrupt under the new management so Tom decided to buy the business back and completely reinvent it. He was able to create the business to be better than it was before and provide his employees with benefits that many businesses were no longer offering.

Tom Wolf’s political experience began in 2007 when he became the secretary of revenue in Governor Ed Rendell’s cabinet, where he instituted reforms that grew and strengthened the state lottery and laid the foundation for millions of dollars in additional benefits for Pennsylvania’s seniors. After working as the secretary of revenue, he had planned to announce his bid for governor in 2009, but that’s when his family’s company was on the edge of failing, so he postponed his campaign. He then won the 2014 governor elections as the Democratic candidate and was sworn into office January 20, 2015.

Tom Wolf’s three goals as governor are to provide jobs that pay, schools that teach, and government that works. Tom has also made fighting the opioid crisis a top priority of his administration and is continuing to work across the aisle to address this looming public health issue. He has also been working on expanding health care to more people in Pennsylvania and has provided it to 700,000 more people.

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