No, America Isn’t Invading Mexico — Well, Probably Not
Robert Beckhusen

BS. Trump’s advisors wrote up an operational plan and then sent it to the Pentagon? Huh? The Pentagon wants to blame Trump for what exactly?

You read some comments on Breitbart that said invading Mexico was a good idea and this means what? Exactly?

I’m a paleoconservative and I don’t particularly want to invade anyone. All its done lately is flood the West with “refugees.” We should have seen this coming after Vietnam. Live and learn the same lesson over and over again I guess.

There will be wars. There are always have been. But the idea of nation building is dead and won’t be resuscitated by the Trump administration.

Punitive invasions? I’m cool with that. Any student of history will show successes and failures of such. But as the old hymn goes, “From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli. . .” I don’t think anyone wants to update it to include ridiculous peacekeeping missions or equally ridiculous attempts to teach muslims to love individual liberty. From the sewage soaked streets of Beirut to the degenerate slums of Fallujah? Doesn’t have the same ring.

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