Why I Believe #GamerGate was a Black Swan
Prof. Nick Flor ♫

Interesting take on GG’s aftermath. I had not thought of it as the beginning of this culture change we are in the midst of until now.

#GamerGate was indeed a black swan for the SJWs and Left establishment in general; it could be argued it was one for the Rightists (God, I hate that word) who participated in it, but only because no one expected how far-reaching its effects would be.

But now, any post-GG events, such as the WSJ’s attack on Pewdiepie, have consequences of even greater magnitude, yet the Left (and the GOPe) cannot foresee these. They cannot learn from the past.

That’s why we will win.

I only just started getting into Nassim Taleb’s works, but they are already revolutionizing the way I think. I’ve been told that “4th Generation Warfare” by William Lind is another important work to help with understanding the world as it stands today.

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