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Also, I just wanted to add, I bet that would work, readers into SFF would probably be interested in a raspberry pi supercomputer. And I don’t think, as far as I know, that there is any law against you advertising inside your posts? Probably in the fine-print of the end user agreement which no one reads when you sign up, though, actually, now that I think of it.

But you could just find the guy who built this (project he did with his kid) and work with the hacker publication here at Medium, I mean it could be anything doesn’t have to be computers, it could be crocheted bikinis on etsy. Just post the pick and on the webpage version of medium select it and I think it’s alt-k or cntrl-k add a link, using the picture instead of a highlighted word. An href link in HTML.

But then you would still have to get paid per click through. I already went through all that with being a webmaster- it was neat at first, but in the end ruined everything with pop-ups and viruses. But I know I shouldn’t let those experiences taint this one- this is the IoT world, gig economy- self-driving cars, nano tech, exploding phones!

And there were some that weren’t that much different than I was 10 years ago, take a Dave Koller at the young turks, Dave is a homegrown Jersey boy, you can’t find TYT’s original page but it was basically a lib version of Drudge. And they now have billions of views.

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