Hey, tell it to (channeled) Trump.
Steven Levy

Brexit means if Greek debt overwhelms the EU again and they default or can’t meet their obligations and need to restructure again, which aside from something unprecedented seems like an eventuality, Germany is going to reach a breaking point. This means, as more and more central banks are going negative that China’s Yuan-backed debt is going to look more and more attractive to the IMF.

Why does China want to support Greece? Another question. There are elements in China focused on growth, others on central authority which in the 'West' might be read as censorship but probably is conflated with a crackdown on corruption, which might also include gambling, gangs, loansharks, the vig, money laundering, real estate holdings, construction, sex slavery, prostitution and identify theft. But also those focused on market economy reforms to meet the IMF standards to have the Yuan-backed bonds placed in the so-called currency basket.

Brexit will force everyone’s hand, possibly tilting the balance of power amongst those competing forces inside China to some boiling point. It’s a fait accompli waiting to happen, a lot depending on Theresa May, but more on a bunch of things no one has control over: price of oil, instability in the Middle East due to ISIS, influence of crown prince Salman vis a vis a transition in Saudi Arabia away from petro-dollars towards tech investment, German politics, and you know, like, above all the health of the Greek (and Italian and Spanish, to lesser extent) economy and banking system.

This isn’t 1880 or 1680 or even 1980: Mao’s little red book has less influence on Jack Ma than Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations — current Chinese political thinking admires Reaganomics, according to the NYT. This isn’t about the colonial US exploiting the ignorant Chinaman, or the Dowager Empress binding feet while working with German bankers to put down Boxers cutting off their ponytails like slaves shucking chains of bondage.

This is about internal forces inside the Chinese central government pushing for market reform in order to be accepted by the IMF. That is their motivation.

There are so many more interesting questions, though: will Tesla learn from Foxcon and create a model for vertical integration which will effect b-school understanding of Ford’s assembly line vis a vis modular design, bringing down the supply chain cost per unit by removing transportation obstacles? If it’s copied, taught implemented, improved, will it follow a workers' rights model or an abusive one, and how will automation effect this? Will Alibaba become more like Amazon, a move towards cloud services and video and a more consumer friendly UX, or will Amazon move more into B2B competing with Alibaba?

What will happen between China and Iran now that Iran can trade again? Does Yandex’s lawsuit against Google in Russia have any application to China vis a vis droid? How is it different or similar than Clark’s Netscape browser war with Gates and the Justice Department’s anti-bundling wrist-slap?

How will AR, VR, modular phone design, projects tango and ara from the DoD and D.A.R.P.A. effect Lenova and the future of glass, goggles and google now launcher, daydream and the price-point for modular units? In other words, predicated on an IoT world, will we have VR phone cradles with plugged in modules which we can snap together in different combinations to make chrome sticks, USB flash drives, AR glasses, smart watches, Chromebooks or laptops? Will China be poised to dominate this next round through Alibaba for distribution and Foxcon for production? What if $10 or $20 could buy you the base components which could be reconfigured for these separate products, which in effect become the simple shell, plastic modular, cheap, mass produced, generic no-name accessories we think of as mostly junk or bling or excessive now, at the worst, cottage industry economy at the best. What happens to Dell, HP, MS, Blackberry, Samsung, Sony?

Google will be fine no matter if aliens land, Trump becomes president and installs himself as monarch (the best though, really, the best), or Bai Du figures out the US Google play store app consumer UX & UI design preference.

Greek debt will fail, Brexit will become an actuality, these two forces will change the dynamic inside China bringing pro-market reform advocates into a more powerful position, this will be happening coincident with changes in droid and the world phone market as modular design, vertical supply chain factories, automation, but also the creation of new apps which repurpose current technology for new AR experiences take effect, alongside 3D modelling of the real world mixing and matching AR & VR to create some new AVR thing.

A wall, Trump, Matt Damon, AMC, Yum, Mao, TPP, floating islands, wikileaks, hacking, NSA, stuxnet, opium, colonial exploitation, landlord playas, the Triad, work farms, three days of the condor, the manchurian candidate are all distractions as interesting as watching a monkey spank off to melania’s michelle misappropriation whilst ordering a knock off Ivanka baby doll courtney love knock off while knocking one out. Fun, but prolly not very relevant in the long run.

Do we have a right to access their markets and profit off of their consumers as they do with ours? Are they laughing at us because while we’re asking the question they’re buying us up on the way to the bank? Can a strong man with 1840 monetary and fiscal policy and trade regulations fix this? Who gives a fuck?!? Why are we even having this discussion? How did we get here, how the fuck did we get here?