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Clearly you didn’t read the fine print (actually font point 30) it is up to you to move humanity forward! Shit, that’s good. Somebody pay whomever came up with that. That’s like, An Army of One, or Uncle Sam Wants You [insert finger pointing emoji loop here] like, (as Hil would say) on fleek. AF. (Did Hil really just say As Fuck, on twitter no less?)

Move humanity forward! One post or publication at a time! Booya marine! Hup to! Damn! No joke! (I’m sweating just thinking about it.) Clearly I’m not sure I myself am up to the task. That’s why I’m glad it was directed at you, not me. Get to it girl! I got your back!

OK, I was probably one of the ones complaining, guilty. I should be more grateful we live in this day and age when this is even possible. But also, has anyone thought, and this is more general to the entire Medium audience if anyone else is reading this, of doing an in-depth history of medium, as a post, written critically, from a (semi-) outsider’s perspective. And then, along those lines, researching the copyright implications for amateur or unprofessional writers or bloggers, like myself.

I know there has been in the past, various kerfuffles at FB and Google over the ownership of pictures you upload there, I imagine something similar pertains to Medium. I mostly feel like an 80’s generic red-blooded meat eating flat-top football coach republican caricature talking about commies, America, love it or leave it, why don’t you go back to Red China if you don’t like it- Medium, love it or leave it, why don’t you got back to Twitter (or FB or, hmm, did anyone actually use Google+) if you don’t like it.

I still use Twitter, skipped FB altogether, couldn’t stand social or apps or phones at first but eventually gave in- finally got used to the whole Zen nature of Twitter, less is more, limiting what I’d say to bite-size chunks, an open-ended relationship with sending thoughts into the ether- and it has taken me a while to grok Medium and feel free to express myself in an almost structureless format with endless possibility- I usually get overwhelmed by too much choice and regress to exhibiting childish, schoolyard behavior in interactions which sometimes borders on the Neolithic caveman mancave variety, though I’m no Brock Turner defender asking women to take off their AirBuds to listen to my rant on GamerGate. Sorry, hashtag GamerGate.

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