How Netflix Lost Big to Amazon in India
Abhishek Madhavan

Completely off-topic, but is there any hope for an on demand food delivery in the States offering naan, puri or roti breads? That’s what I would be interested in, personally.

What about streaming music? Is mp3 the dominant format, to what degree has Apple Music made inroads, is it the dominant player, or is it Pandora or SoundCloud or Spotify? Or a local 'native' app not known outside of India? Is traditional music more popular than Bollywood music? Are the mp3’s still ripped from burned Bollywood DVD’s and shared via p2p or is this now considered bootleg, amateur, illegal or merely passé?

In terms of cricket, where GB, Pakistan, Australia all have hooligan following for sport, too, are there European or other non-American companies or modes or methods other than streaming or traditional fiber for transmission or distribution? I read something last year about a new way to use copper in GB that a telecom was experimenting with for high-speed?

You didn’t mention PM Modi’s influence via the billion rupee fund, will this have a minor or outsized influence? Does he have a hands off style, or does he play favorites? How does this work with, or against other government policy and investment with respect to the free market? Such as the Smart City initiative from the five year? Will this be rolled out in an equal and equitable fashion in both north and south?

Going back to Keynes’s study, you know the fundamental difference between the five year and the government plans have always been expectation and delivery, performance in reality as opposed to the idealism perhaps inherent in your culture?

Does the history of western exploitation lead to a distrust of global as opposed to local players? Which native app or product, aside from Tata or the (failed) 251 ringing bells ultra-cheap android phone, do you think can do the reverse, not only fight off foreign competition but invade our (American) shores? It should not be for lack of talent, miscommunication in language, differences in culture, certainly not ignorance or lack of education or stumbling over technological hurdles- so what gives? Why aren’t we talking about Flipkart battling Walmart in the US?