10 Book Recommendations For Adults…
James Altucher

Firstly, I would probably suggest they stop reading click-bait listicles, primarily intended to boost the ego of the writer, perhaps, too financially reward him through (hidden) promotional deals. Then suggest that the very construct of the question the author of the article has submitted to them is intended to subtly make them feel inferior, thus in need of guidance from a guru, a joke Tony Robbins type who has it all figured out. Lastly I would suggest instead they question that subtle use of rhetoric to manipulate, maybe, in fact they are not failures. Oh, I get it, it is for a friend of yours that is the failure who is honestly looking for the guidance, maybe desperately. Then they click- too late! They discover they’ve been played out, they are, in fact the subject of the inquiry! Oh no! You are the guru! Here to offer your ten recommendations. And let me guess, you once felt as they do, had no energy, felt like you had no purpose, then, lo and behold! You discovered this snake oil, this prescription, these ten books that secret formula. Last year’s crack cocaine, next year’s crystal meth.

You, dear reader, are no failure. You do not need a guru.