For a while I was disappointed at how few followers I had. I got caught up in a popularity contest with a head count. Green hearts for everyone! Yeah, nice social media strategy Ali. He’ll heart this too.

I then found out via some little feminista lil miss popularity that there was a program inside Medium to get paid! What? A paid gig! Oh, wait, it’s like a 9-to-5 like that crazy chick Liz Toby got, right?!? No thanks, man.

Wait, no? Paid share via advertising… like, like… revenue ad sharing program? Where do I sign- as The Dude would say, well, I have to check and see, this might bump me up into the next tax bracket- up, put me down as yes!

Oh, wait. It is the opposite? You have to pay? What? No. That can’t be right?? Ha ha ha ha! All these successful 'publications' are paying for followers! Ha!

Oh, right, sure Ev Williams it is a lil more complicated. They aren’t paying for followers explicitly… that would be, well, unseemly, like… against the brand image, more like something Twitter would do. No, you pay for information and then they promote you. Or, they ignore you if you don’t pay! Classic.

Well, with our New World Order with Alex Jones minister of propaganda under head monkey in charge of disruption Brietbart, an in-house payola scheme here seems oddly timely and appropriate.

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