How the Beatles’ ‘Revolver’ Gave Brian Wilson a Nervous Breakdown
Charles J. Moss

Great picture with Ravi! Interesting, George is playing with the Northern style gourd, which can increase the drone effect of the reverberation effect from the vibration of the back strings. But appears to have the elephant hair (used to create custom fret settings, as opposed to the guitar, based on the lute and oud, with fixed frets, you can have relative fret settings for tunings in which not just the microtunings but the scale itself gets changed- middle C is always middle C unless it’s not) not on the sitar.

Maxwell’s Silver Hammer has been read as a reference to the Northern style tuning hammer, as opposed to the traditionally lower caste southern use of stones. Ravi, and his daughter Nora Jones play in the traditional Northern style.

I’d love to read an article on George and the Vox V847 if you could write one? Do you take requests?!?

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