Why ‘Sgt. Peppers’ is Probably the Best Beatles LP
Mof Gimmers

I am convinced it is about Fredrick the Great, and no one can tell me different. And that Yes took their name from the Yellow Submarine. And that Apple really did steal the name. And that Zapple was brilliant. And that Paul is dead (miss him, miss him). And that the blue meanies are a reference to the bobbies on the roof. And that they did have drugs on them at the time. I dropped at 14 with Lucy & have been in love ever since, in addition to having the missing 18 1/2 minutes of reel to reel (the key was the tape bleed through, matching up the time signatures Miss Woods didn’t have time to erase both sides and only did a quick one-pass with silence) I also have the Sgt. Pepper 64 track masters, the entire MK-Ultra archives, the location of Hoffa’s body, the codes for the Swiss bank accounts for the lost Nazi gold and the lost info to jail Ollie North.

I’ve been remixing them for years. People who say the album has nothing to do with the movie (wrong albums boy, why Rigby this, Henry the Horse that) don’t know much about Old Fred. Or about what he made poor young Fred do. Welcome to Pepperland!! Take this brother, may it serves you well…

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