The Proven Path to Doing Unique and Meaningful Work
James Clear

I apply the 10,000 hour theory in different ways than most. I take an overwhelmingly Zen simplicity approach; maybe to the point of absurdity or stupidity depending on your point of view. I probably have not played the piano for 10,000 hours. I have however been breathing for 10,000 hours. So, I went into TM & focus deep breathing, yoga and diaphragm breathing for stress reduction.

I’ve listened to 10,000 hours of music, so I started studying how to listen to music, which is an art in itself.

Of course, I might have spent 10,000 hours driving, but it doesn’t mean I’m ready for the Grand Prix. I’m utterly almost depressingly realistic, but only in so far as that is, you know, a first step to a bridge to dreaming about the stars. Speaking of dreaming, 10,000 of sleep is an easy one, 10,000 hours of R.E.M. state, though….

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