Hi tigger porn & BHD, here’s what I typed to Michael earlier about poi:

I Googled tarrot root, auto-corrected to taro root, because I guess I word associated the two but couldn’t remember why. Then I remembered one of my girlfriends Eliza from Colombia used to occasionally serve me taro root, but prepared differently than Poi? But I think they are the same? Hey, you know what would be interesting would be a tab for traditional recipes? I haven’t even figured out how to add tabs yet, listen to me telling you what to do.

My diet contains a lot of shrimp, some shark, a ton of coconut- coconut sugar, oil, milk, water, and a lot of rice. I’ve gotten away from eating bacon, taylor ham and most pork, but I’m basically a coffee and eggs dude, that is the staple in my diet. I was vegetarian for ten years with periods as a vegan, I haven’t bought anything with leather in fifteen years, but I tend not to throw things away. But I’m not sure I’ll ever get back to being vegetarian let alone vegan. But I try and eat whole foods, some organic, am totally opposed to Monsanto and their ilk and believe in eating homegrown food. I was very into the diet for a small planet when I was younger, lately I’ve been focused on alternative grains.

Over the summer I try and swim 1500m a day and now I’m back to running 50 miles a week, so I consume a lot of carbs, mostly in the form of pasta, even if that’s currently unpopular; everything is gluten-free.

But I might try Poi, I’ll follow your link. Thanks!

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