Hey tigger porn I think most publications ask that your piece only be published in one.
Wild Flower

I have one story, I’d forgotten about it, the first thing I wrote exclusively on Medium when I joined at the beginning of the year, which I later added to one of my publications which doesn’t show up. I’ve a tremendous fear of rejection, so I never bothered submitting my work anywhere, Tessa was designing a safe space for people with my particular thing, so I did join that; previously I thought I had a neat work around by creating my own publications.

I think maybe you have to be a joiner to get people to join? So I mostly gave up on that idea. But I figured it would also archive the work for me. Only the publications don’t show up in my publication tab and I end up having to bookmark them anyway, more trouble than it’s worth. If you’d only posted this a couple of months ago, would have saved me a lot of trouble.

I think I’ll try removing the story which won’t show up from its publication and then adding it to another? Maybe that will work. Thanks!

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