Phone numbers are dead
Suzanne Nguyen

I’m an outlier, not a fan of (omg I know, the shame, admitting it) Snapchat, FB or even Instagram (addicted to Twitter, though, meh sue me), but one one thing I never use my droid phone for is… phone calls. But. I don’t think landlines, TV, newspapers, supermarkets, the mall, non-self-driving cars (that is to say, cars), hotels, motels, no-tell motels (sometimes called ‘no-tells’), juicers sans wifi, the USPS, libraries, bookstores, or bicycles are going away anytime soon.

Hipsters on hoverboards are just the next Segway, which is to say tomorrow’s joke punchline, along with Brooklyn beards and bowling.

The ironic thing is, the two things currently most endangered by technological shifts in society: the desktop computer (unless your a college student in a school lab with a term paper due or an office employee in a cubicle) and the (so last minute) flip-phone (about to go the way of the pager, if it hasn’t already).

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