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I read historical nonfiction, postmodern literature, the 'classics' of the traditional canon, women’s and world literature as defined by academia in the 80’s & 90’s, and a lot of sci-fi and fantasy.

But whenever I think I’ve read a lot of fantasy I’ll meet someone who can put me to shame, but often will point me towards a next great love. I’m a geek at heart. I can still remember getting turned on to Dune in a, hmm, let’s see ah, Walden Books, took me a minute when looking for more Tolkien.

In addition to Tolkien, I like Heinlein, PKD, Terry Brookes, William Gibson, Crichton, Vonnegut, Clarke, David Eddings, Frank Herbert, Asimov, Douglas Adams, I guess now that I see it a lot of white dudes, pulp, sci-fi more than fantasy. But Tolkien was my entry into the genre as for so very many of us, at a very young age, gifted to me by a very good friend.

Currently reading the ultra-pulp Space Vikings.

But I also consider David Foster Wallace to border on sci-fi, and find the roots in Poe and Melville instead of Wells or Stevenson, but it all leads back to Mary Shelley regardless.

I think Toni Morrison borders on sci-fi or fantasy, and Naguib Mahfouz takes me to the other world of Egypt as fantastical as Narnia or Middle Earth. I’m obsessed with Proust, Tolstoy & Balzac, but it is because they build believable complete worlds one can escape into. That they do it in a realistic manner about our world should not be held against them… much.

I don’t think you’re alone in feeling alone or like there’s a lack of kinship, here; I’m not sure it is for want of trying on the part of the staff nor the other members. But I feel it, too.

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