SF Ali

I shy away from patriotic acts which usually make feel cheap and sleazy, to be honest: thanking servicemen and servicewomen for their service, standing during the anthem.

But this makes me say god bless Amerika. We are not a fascist, christian, technocratic oligarchic nation of repressed, fearful, homophobic xenophobes bent on genocide, colonial empire or religious registries.

Even if our president, a creature custom made for satire, who will soon be the laughing stock of the world, says we are, even if we are now run by white nationalists.

That said, with all respect, I am no more fond, particularly, of Islam than Christianity, to be honest. I see that a lot of murder is done by the followers of each, often even saying they are killing in the name of The Prophet or Christ.

But I respect your beliefs and I am just sorry we now live in this fascist state which honors Nazis and the KKK instead. It is Springtime for Hitler and Germany.

Peace. Assalamu alaikum, peace be with you.

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