I had trouble, too.
Cynthia Dagnal-Myron

I thought about this a bit more. I think many in the #resist movement have stopped processing reality? Not as a fundamental choice but more like a binary survival tactic. You have found a way around that, I mean I’ll venture a guess it has something to do with your life experience?

I think if you make a conscious decision to reject reality, like say Alex Jones, that is one thing. Or you can sort of live in a curated news bubble like the bubble boy himself Trump. Of course, we don’t all have those luxuries.

But then the resistance movement is just a rejection of an alternative viewpoint narrative. No matter how disgraceful that narrative or false, I am not sure simply rejecting it is substantial in any way.

As part of this slow process of normalization, which feels like a battle of wills but one playing out in the media, social, main stream, alternative and otherwise, we get worn down.

The irony is we whom are rejecting the alternative-truth spin are then left vulnerable to rejecting all of it, turning it all off, end up desensitized, numb. I am not suggesting, by the way, not turning off media, at least occasionally, getting grounded in some other truth or something more substantial.

You have found a way to reject the blind rejection of daily reality of the resistance without acquiescing to the slow, mind-numbing normalization of alternative-reality spin coming out of the White House.

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