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elizabeth tobey

I’m curious, in terms of the tags, when Medium eventually goes public with an IPO, investors will demand a revenue model, one would figure, if nothing changes in the tech industry, or the US economy, in general, it would possibly be freemium with advertising? Where the ads would be targeted based on the tags, or generic demographic profiling based on the tags: Millennial hipster into tiny houses, blogging, technology, working in the gig economy selling crocheted and 3-D printed smartKey-fobs to Uber drivers on etsy which they can give away to other Uber drivers. Or Walmart moms, or NASCAR dads if they even still exist (outside my internet mancave bunker).

Is Medium public, it’s not, right? Is it losing money right now, aside from VC investment? What is the revenue source business model, I wonder. Right now I love it, no suggestions. Probably just crammed the metaphoric suggestion box with some crumpled form that should have been submitted elsewhere. But. But I’m always hesitant, right when things seem great, then start changing as the platform becomes more popular, which it certainly seems to be becoming currently, more popular, that is.

Oh! Thought of a suggestion! How about building a 3rd party integration on top of the dedicated Medium platform for 3D VR dating with video streaming and social networking? No, actually, I like things as they are, you and the Medium team have done a fantastic job.

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