Hey tigger, that is so bizarre.

I’m really new here. I spent about five years over at The Young Turks forum, before they finally gave in to mobile and did a total site overhaul. I considered going back to school for mobile app development but it seems anytime I start to learn something it is outdated by the time I get to it. C++ and Java were the previous ones. I’m no coding genius but I grew up with Basic and then took Pascal in school and then learned JavaScript on my own.

So, I switched over to Android, quit building my own websites (I’d mostly just use HTML with a bit of JS) and after quitting trying to learn to build my own app for mobile- I couldn’t even get the droid SDK to work properly- I found Medium accidentally through the SmartNews app a few months ago.

I am so clueless. I first went online when I was attending Stevens Tech in 1990, so, I’ve never really felt like a nOOb; I used to be a gamer and a hacker and build my own computers. I can’t even get my SmartWatch to work, I’m now an 'old' apparently and totally lost.

I honestly thought it was just me, even with your post, I still feel like my situation is unique, but who knows, it might not be us, maybe it is Medium? But I tend to think it is a larger issue involving you know, the future of work, big data, Millennials, automation, the cloud, the future of the publishing industry- but I don’t think you didn’t say it wasn’t those things, and you’re right, Medium could probably solve some of these issues.

So, right now, today, like 20 publications and 100 people, but later tonight, tomorrow who knows. I keep trying to tweak things to figure out the magical formula; I seem to have better luck if I let it slowly evolve, just trying to focus on, highlight, the positive.