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I’ve sent the army. No, wait! I know what you’re saying, great, sending in the cavalry… Warriors not Cavs, I hear ya. Army of vets, for peaceful protest (I am not saying they will be obstructionist but some have connections with the corps). They should be there any day now… any day now… any, yeah, well ya got that.

Also, just heard the great black snake’s owner, an evil white man (gee, didn’t see that twist) paid off The Donald with stock in ETP (no one knows how much, but presumably there has to be a paper trail somewhere) in what appears to be a new twist on the old payola kickback system. It is old hat where I am from, the way things get done. Depressing. I have always dealt with it by giving as good as I get, burning it down to send a message, when necessary, though I am not advocating violence. Everyone has to make that decision for themselves- choose their battles, decide when enough is enough. Good luck, the Nation is with you! Our hopes, prayers, dreams.

Fuck 'em, burn it to the ground.

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