Notifications Glitch @ Medium ?

Maybe it’s not a glitch? A new feature perhaps- courage, like Apple removing the jack- notifications that don’t work?!?

I’m on 5.1 lollipop droid, but my phone and tablet have different GUI’s for the settings— on my phone, notifications have their own tab, it’s under sound on my tablet. When I got a SmartWatch on Amazon last year, I was forced to learn all about Bluetooth and notifications, until it drove me nuts buzzing everytime Donald Trump said something stupid or my best friend posted a new selfie- so I threw out the watch and turned all notifications off.

Sometimes twitter and medium are not properly synced between my devices- I figure it could be my device or the app devs making changes- so, first I clean my phone, uninstall the app and/or clear the cache and/or data (make sure you have your password if you wipe the data) and then install any updates. Beyond that I find tweaking the notification settings on the phone can help, but then it often helps too much and I’m again faced with a deluge from torrents of alerts.

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