ACLU’s People Power Movement — JOIN IT!
Cynthia Dagnal-Myron

More important now than ever. No need for hashtag resist or newfangled groups like Indivisible to reinvent the wheel: we already have the tools for the fight ahead. From the ACLU to Greenpeace in fights ranging from the repeal of the Voting Rights Act and redlining and gerrymandering to environmental issues, where the battle lines have been drawn, the way forward is to look backward.

These fights aren’t new. Millennials are woke, done been woke for some time now, but we get caught up in divisive rhetoric arguing over causes.

The Muslim ban is just the start. If they get away with it then the War on Drugs will start next and we will be living in a corporate pay-to-play police state private prison complex with Trump brand Chinese escorts for the plutocrats and Trump rat steaks for everyone else.

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