Your comment assumes I don’t appreciate what this country means to humanity.
SF Ali

My family came over from Ireland at a time when Irish Need Not Apply was a common store sign. Sure, some of them were drunks on the dole (welfare) and yes, they took up all the jobs no one wanted (dock workers, landscapers, house builders) and lived in slum ghetto flop houses but they ended up in the paddywagon come weekend.

I can’t help but see a lot of parallels today, not just with Muslim immigrants but those from Mexico and Central and South America as well.

It is such a shame that a nation built on immigrant labor has once again turned its back on them. If they should take any solace, it is that this ugly, selfish ignorant streak in the body politic is not new but from time to time rears its ugly head, and fades just as quick back to the shadows. Chinese immigrant labor built the railroad system in the 1880’s and then these same self-styled ignorant so-called patriots, really nationalists, wanted them all out.

Have there been Irish drunks, Italian anarchists, Chinese herbalists, Mexican pornstars, Natives who refused to be silenced? Sure. That’s what makes America great.

Islam saved the world when the plague was wiping out Europe, festering disease brought about by ignorance and unhealthy unclean conditions and a reliance on superstition, by keeping the light of reason alive, along with furthering philosophy, mathematics and science, to say nothing of art, poetry, music and architecture.

I see Trump, Pence, rise of fear and white nationalism and say they don’t represent me, but I wonder, to people in other countries, do they? Is that allowed to represent me because of my silence?