Oh, no worries, I don’t mind at all trying to define or hash out the “problem.”

Oh, movies! Ishtar and Buckaroo Banzai are my favorites. Then more traditional fare like Star Wars, Memento, The French Connection or Get Shorty. I mainly love off-beat, quirky movies: The Purple Rose of Cairo, Gas Food Lodging, The Piano, The Professional, but I also love a lot of pop-trash like To Live and Die in LA, Spies Like Us, Anchorman, but then I also love certain classics like The Third Man or 2001 or Casablanca. In terms of SFF, I’m partial to the really quirky: The 1933 Frankenstein, the 1934 anaglyph 3D King Kong, Plan 9 from Outerspace, Earth Girls are Easy, the Fifth Element. There are those films like the original versions of the Rankin Bass Hobbit or LOTR series which I still love, Tron, The Last Starfighter, that if I had seen, as they were, as the first time, as an adult, I probably would have laughed off as far too immature, but which I adore. Or. Or David Bowie’s The Man Who Fell to Earth is one of them too, but it isn’t, because if I’d been an adult at that time probably would have fallen in love with anyways.

I love the 80’s fantasy movies, Red Sonja, Conan, all the H.R. Haggard and Robert E. Howard stuff, and Ladyhawke, Dragonslayer, that sort of thing. I was basically one of those AD&D role-playing tykes from Stranger Things. One of my favorites from that era, that I still feel plays well is Outlander, with Sean Connery, from the same era as Alien and Bladerunner, which get so much love, I always felt like it never got enough props.

My favorite author, then, in the 1980’s, after Tolkien and Vonnegut and Bradbury and Clark and Asimov and Sagan was (the less well known then) Heinlein- a Sophomore AP English teacher, a Mr. Flynn, had us read Stranger in a Strange Land and I couldn’t put it down and tried to get my hands on anything else he’d written- so I of course liked the Starship Troopers series, but found the first one lacking. The second and third were much more ‘pulpy’ and deservedly so were straight-to-video, which was perfect for me- it was written to be trashy-pulp that makes you go hmm, more so if you’re a pothead (or former pothead, or just meditative and think outside the box by nature). I generally tend not to like what is popular, or popularly considered the best, in favor of work that is popular in the sense that it isn’t always necessarily cordoned off into the ghetto of ‘art’ but is definitely commercial, perhaps even crassly so, but doesn’t always receive either popular or critical acclaim. Sometimes is reviled, other times, though, is merely written-off as poorly done, or excessive, or without the proper production values. So I usually have to defend my tastes, so I usually go on and on about the subject.

As for the more recent Peter Jackson LOTR, those are the last films I saw in the theatre.

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