Full disclosure: I’m a big fan of Dr.
SF Ali

Old Trump 80’s brand was very similar- it was Central Park Five, not radical Islamic terrorism- it was self-referential talking about himself in the third person as The Donald- now says Trump does this and the people- the Donald has been replaced by Trump- if that makes any sense.

Back then, before you were born, it was the big Tower store downtown not the Virgin megastore on the forty deuce. It was the Post or the News, Mets or Yankees, local or express, Metro North or the D, bboys wore 8balls and flygirls door knocker dauphins.

Trump, the Donald, was an icon to a certain type of teen from Bensonhurst who carried a baseball bat and came into town on the weekend to buy weed in Washington Square and go dancing at the Tunnel or Palladium. Who beat Yusef Hawkins to death.

He is the same racist thug Ponzi scheme fraud he was then- this whole brand management thing is a self-fulfilling prophecy- his brand is that brand is great in and of itself and his is the best- that’s his fucking brand- it’s a joke- it was a joke then like I used to tell him to his face in the midtown bank we shared, and it still is now.

Don’t feed the beast.

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