Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Are Over, So Love Is Forever Dead 💔💀
Julianne Ishler

On the other hand, I smell Mr. and Mrs. Smith II- no, no sorry, that’s just my hash pipe- but maybe a what’s the word rejiggered- no, reconfig- no no nope- rebooted franchise sequel thing!

Hmm, the all-female reboot? How would that work? Are Amy Schumer and Melissa McCarthy available? Mr. and Mrs. Smith the Reboot (working title) wherein The Rock plays a retired ex-football player with a prescription drug problem working in the financial planning industry, but really a top-secret gov’t G-man (oh! twist, he played for the Giants- OK, not really a twist, as in plot twist) investigating bank fraud, but actually putting himself through night law school and working pro bono as a temp intern at a Planned Parenthood as a family counselor. Hyjinx ensue when he plays his boss’s role (at the PP) a power-hungry boss-lady in pant suits who gets the job done (can we get Bey) whom he’s secretly in love with, to council Branjelina (mostly CGI and body-doubles and stunt doubles, never on the set at the same time, when the real action takes place, cameo) about their failed rebranding, er, divorce.

Maybe add a dog?

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