Alright alright alright, thanks for responding and sharing tigger porn.
Sean Freidlin

Ride to live, live to ride, clean and.

Back when Todd was shooting Fratboy, I’d just crashed a car head-on into a brick wall at 60 MPH. I played it off like I was cool or something, just stupid, what a waste. I walked away, very lucky. Todd was the only one, shouldn’t say the only one, Pete, Paul, Sarah, some others who thought it might be a cry for help. Haven’t seen War Dogs yet though, Bunz is the man though.

I digress. Has anyone alerted Atchity to your curve? Theoretically shouldn’t he bust the Tomato Meter in a couple of years with a reboot of say Herbie Goes to the Demolition Derby, or The Evel Knievel Story: The Story of Evel Knievel? That would be a national tragedy. Could effect the Dow, Nasdeq, then the Fed and it’s subprime 2.0 all over again. I’m not sure he has any black Hawaiian shirts. Maybe I should…

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