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Right. That’s not for me, I was looking for and found mostly what I wanted; nothing’s perfect. I also totally understand that, like, well, go build your own if you don’t like it- go back to Russia ya freakin' commie- the sentiment that I should just be grateful for what it is.

And that they have staff and expenses and while they’re probably not looking to 'make a buck,’ they probably need to impress investors (venture capitalists or VC’s) that they are either growing their DAU’s (daily active users) or making bank like Uber by having a monetizing strategy (like, you know, charging money) or advertising. Pick your poison: it’s got to be one, eventually. Right now, they’re still in the growth phase, not ready to 'go public’ meaning have an IPO (initial public offering) and get listed on a stock exchange (where the founders, like Twitter’s Ev Williams and workers being paid in stock, or stock options, make their money) and a lot of that depends on the market, the economy, price of tea in China.

I get that for whatever reason different people would love the option you’re talking about. Google ad sense sounds like the thing most similar to that. I’m not against money, making money, capitalism whatever. I’m just distrustful with self-publishing; I think it will ruin what they have, create spam, malware, viruses, lots of Adobe ad problems will ruin the app then your device, all to be sold Coca-Cola and McDonald’s in ads you don’t realize are ads, native advertising like Kylie Jenner does, where she gets paid to endorse a product but doesn’t mention it.

But I would probably prefer advertising to a walled garden, subscription model. And wouldn’t mind a freemium model so much, pay to remove ads, ad free version. I’d like them to be more transparent about what they are doing, what they are planning and not create a false dichotomy between writers and readers, content creators and end-users, where the only metric of worth is hearts. Fine, fine, a democracy where the most popular get the money. Get ready to read a lot about Kanye and the Kardashians.

But I would definitely support some form of ad sense type of program, maybe connecting etsy and Amazon small sellers with cheaper advertising models for bespoke (made to order) homemade products (from gay wedding cakes to custom hacked raspberry Pi supercomputers) with niche, hard to find demographic groups which you might find here, like gay Asian lumberjacks who enjoy Poe and #blm blogs, or Hawaiian chicks into #SFF.

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