You’re really talking about pulling me outta my comfort zone.
Tre L. Loadholt

Sometimes a trick I use is to see if I can write three sentences: beginning, middle, end, to see if a story has legs. Doesn’t always work, can’t remember where I first picked it up. Prolly screenwriting? Can’t remember. The story doesn’t always follow that path but it allows me to open a template at least. You can do that whole Aristotelian gig from there, arc, tragedy or comedy format, twist (again, like we did last summer) whatnot.

There was a great interview on PBS this weekend with Stephen King on letting a story go where it will. I’m not a fan of his (prolly the only person in the world) but I met him once (long time ago- sure he wouldn’t remember) and he’s hella cool just as a down to earth person. The interview is fantastic, highly recommend it. I’ll see if I can find a link.

So, there are two or three illustrators I’ve come across here, but yes, I could see this as an illustrated novel. But I guess, what is it, manga, hentai, always get those confused- graphic novels are what beybey’s kids 'read' today, Lord help us. Gotta go with the times, though, right?

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