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Sure, sure but why not just deconstruct the Nordic/Teutonic and Greek/Roman myths they are based upon and then do a comparison of Northern European and Mediterranean peoples instead?

Though, to be fair, Aquaman clearly taps into the Arthurian legend, which some see as having Celtic roots (Morgan le Fay, the Morrigan) whilst still others trace as a reference to the Roman roots in Britain (still others make a connection to Alexander of Macedonia aka Alexander the Great, the supposed basis for the Tudor monarchists' claim to authority- see what I did there- something about his bathtub, honestly fucking bathtub gives them the fucking right to oppress my people for 1,000 years).

The thing I always found fascinating about AC was the connection between a linguistic ability and mind-control, but I doubt they’ll play up that angle when they can just go the whole Oedipal route, instead, as with biblical themes a surefire winner in Hollywood.

I mean, it is a twist on Oedipus Rex, but just barely. Let me guess, an origin story, flashback’s to estranged surrogate fisherman father, mystery about his mom, lost in a tropical storm, leaves him mysterious necklace with Atlantian spiral (similar to Celtic tribal design) and then all growed up in real time he’s a drunk or getting into fights or else arrested working for Greenpeace or some such. Second act, spoiler, ORM kills mom, steals trident, starts war. The twist?

Hmm, the twist? An army of cyber dolphins addicted to LSD show up to pimp out street hustling Miami condo beach milfs, left over from the experiments, now in the wild, global-warming climate change (caused by humans) has melted the Arctic and Donald Trump in his third term hires ORM as god king of Miami-Atlantis to clean up the streets and return law and order. But he mainly subcontracts outsources out to Duterte and an army of recently emancipated killer whale devil of the deep blue sea Orcas, still with that lockdown recidivist mentality (you can take the killer whale out of captivity but not the captivity out of killer whales).

I don’t see it. I don’t see it. Still, it would set up nicely for a sequel and might play well overseas.