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Eoin McMillan

The CIA and State department use strategic hard and soft power, carrot and stick in the third world and have since the 1950’s. The power supply infrastructure building is the first phase, roads and bridges interim, and global multi-nationals the last. Debt and debt restructuring go hand in hand with military aid, to boot.

Ad hoc networks have been created by DARPA and the CIA to promote democracy in areas of the world which we view as promoting censorship. Yet in many cases the same technology here in America is considered illegal, or is frowned upon by ISP’s and runs into operational issues on droid. Firechat is an exception, creating ad hoc Bluetooth networks. But Bluetooth was not created for that. Android 2.0 devkits promote the idea of p2p sharing in a local ad hoc wifi network.

Large swaths of Africa and India could most probably move forward with open source raspberry pi servers, satellite microwave, lithium Tesla power walls, solar, and $5 3D printed modular droid phones.

I use home wifi with a $30 no contract 5.0 Chinese made droid phone (w/o a data plan, texting or minutes) and a $12 solar USB recharger that even recharges it’s lithium battery from a 40 watt bulb.

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