Medium’s Friendly Chum Box

This has something to do with the questionnaire for increasing viewership on the publication pull-down menu? Asking if you are interested in paying to find out more about your viewers? Is that the Medium idea post-IPO to monetize content, after they run out of VC funding, if they don’t follow the Twitter ad-revenue method?

Seems like Uber is doing hella well with the losing money model. The more money Uber loses the more the market cap style paper money valuation increases, the more money gets ventured on it. Why can’t Medium follow that method instead? Has anyone suggested this to Ev instead of lay-offs?

Didn’t he get the memo from Trump at the- oh, wait, awkward, right, he wasn’t invited! Twitter not big enough! Bad luck! Jobs, jobs, jobs! More jobs! Not lay-offs. Maybe he should read Art of the Schmooze, do a rebrand? How about a hip new hardware product or product line? AI VR HD chatbot something or other.

How about a SmartFridge which takes selfies and uses an AI newsbot to write about what you’re eating, maybe auto-linking to the websites of Kraft and so on, click-through cookie payshare model porno used to use, minus the JavaScript pop-ups (um, I read about it in Wired)? Maybe submit a comical draft on your lonely ketchup bottle forlorn & forgotten on the third shelf (not with the rest of the condiments on the door) to Bullshitist or Slackjaw? They could probably get a deal on the scripts for the bots real cheap in Maldova.

An AI newsbot or 'a' AI newsbot??

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