Blurbs: What They Really Mean
Liana Finck

Uh! Uh! This! I… I don’t have the… the words. This. So much this!

Now, can you do for twitterese what you’ve done for reviews. I get the whole femsplain don’t call me, I’ll call you, it’s me it’s not you, I’ve got a headache, oh it’s… it’s huge, it’s so big, I’ll call you tomorrow- but how exactly do these translate to emojis, texting, and other forms of Millennial-dominated communication?

Subtweeting — is that when you sort of say something 'near' someone because you know they follow you, but don’t use their @ or make it specifically towards them? (When I say near I’m being metaphorical and not referring to proximity.)

(At first I thought it had something to do with replying to your own tweet.)

Throwing shade- this one seems more obvious, just a dis (disrespect- which in and of itself was never fully clarified before it was co-opted and 'kicked to the kerb' to further appropriate BEV, a term I’m told is out of favor itself) with a new name? Or more nuanced? Explain.

Also, just to clarify, Pokemon Go is dead like ice bucket challenge, but the Kardashians, blm, SnapChat, Uber and tiny house living cord cutting girls in hats are still going to eat our caveman basement dwelling generation x lunches, right?

Good. Glad we had this little chat.

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