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Brian Ellin ☕️

We, here, at Mosaic2 thank you.

[Off Camera]

Dude! Don’t put 'we' in!

Too late! Already hit publish!

Dude! Ev Williams just wrote about blogs and how Medium isn’t a publishing service! You’re messing this up dude!

Dude! Calm down! Very undudelike! Dude!

Whatever! This is our one opportunity to catch the eye of the Medium Staff and you know, like, pop, stand out, like, from the crowd, dude!

What’s the matter with the crowd? I like the crowd. I like crowd-sourcing and… and…

Yes? Yes, dude? And…

And… and crowd-surfing! Who doesn’t like crowd-surfing?!?

Way off-topic, off-thread, dude! Besides, you’re more likely to couch surf these days than…

True. But, dude, 'threads’, 'blogs’, 'off-topic' dude? Not cool. Bone up on SF Ali and his guide to speaking Millennial, please.

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