There’s already a huge sneakernet of USB sticks and SD cards.
Dan Walmsley

You can get a 32 GB micro-sd on sale for $3, which radically changes an off the shelf phone. But the real issue is limited RAM on your primary default drive. Also, Google changed their default write-only policy because of torrent, p2p and popcorn time, such that w/o jailbreaking it or becoming a developer it is trickier than it once was. Coordinated with Google Play to limit apps which allow recording on YouTube. It was a coordinated effort aimed at not making it impossible or stifling app dev innovation, but making what you describe a bit tougher.

But I’m sure you’re right; it is probably still taking place. The real issue is that droid is basically a Linux port of Bill Joy’s 1960’s UNIX built for lightweight Java with an emphasis on system stability over stack permanence. Apps are meant to shut-down by design, anathema to downloaders.

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