Writing is cathartic in the way only chocolate and cheesy food can be.

It releases all these toxins inside my head, and leaves my brain space free for other, more productive activities than sitting and crying over the past or sitting and worrying about the future.

Writing is therapy, like talking can never be. What you write is what you have felt or are in the process of feeling, made sacred by the act of it being put down for posterity.

You can go back to those words that are part of your very being, little detachable parts of you let out into the world and stored on this page, and you can sit and help them make you understand who you are, who you want to be, and where you will go.

Words are parts of you like only solidified, tangible thoughts can be.

Words thought and words written shape who you are and what the world is.

I look forward to reading your words. Let the music begin.

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