I recently read an article that mentioned the book “Ten Men You Meet In A Huddle: Lessons From A Football Life”, written by legendary football coach Bill Curry. While, admittedly, I have never read the book, the title did make me ask myself a few specific questions. Who have I met in the huddle? What have I learned from the huddle? What have I given to the huddle?

The huddle can be easily defined and recognized by even the novice sports fan. They can take place at many different times during a practices or game, and can often be used for pep talks, communication of last minute strategy or simply an opportunity to rest. However, I believe we can learn so much more from the huddle.

For coaches, the huddle is our opportunity to bring people of all races, ethnicities, and nationalities together in search of one common goal. The huddle provides everyone in your program an opportunity to learn about different cultures, while giving hands-on experience in building and managing teamwork and togetherness. Young men from different backgrounds, most with many different outlooks and beliefs on athletics, current events, and just overall life coming together for one common goal. That’s what you can find in a huddle.

Over the years I have found myself in very diverse huddles. Players and coaches from all over the world have leaned in to listen to wisdom and last minute instruction. I often wonder to myself if I have taken advantage of the huddle like I should have. Who has had the greatest impact on me while in the huddle? Have I learned as much as I should have about so many young men that have shared their huddle with me? Have I given all that I possibly could to those that have sacrificed along side of me in the huddle?

While all of us can find many different ways to answer those questions, I think they certainly create an interesting topic of discussion. Who, or what, have you been influenced by in your huddle? What kind of impact have you made on those that have stood beside of you in the huddle? As a new season approaches and many new and old faces arrive on campus, strive to make this season your best yet. Give, and take, all you can from your huddle this season.

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