Freelancer don’t have a time to feel like a “Free”

Wikipedia: A freelancer or freelance worker is a term commonly used for a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term.

Freelance platforms and jobs growing very fast and there is a good reason for that!

Many people who haven’t tried freelance work thinking that freelancers have their own schedule and their own preferences for work, but working more than 4 years as a freelancer at (former, I’ve been counting hours which I’ve been sleeping, eating or dating with a girl. And you know why ?

Because I’m working hourly and I can work more than 80 hours/week and if I’m not working even one hour I feel that I’m loosing money. It is definitely addiction to freelance work.

Hourly addiction to freelance work

But anyway freelancing gave me ability to grow my skills faster than in a company where as an employee you are doing very limited things, and actually by taking a risk of partial projects you are earning more than you will probably get from company (well I know it depends!).

Why I’m trying to move from Upwork to TopTal ? is a freelancing platform which is basically filtering freelancers and allowing to work with their clients only 3% of top talented professionals. I know you are now thinking that you are in that top 3% !

Even for really experienced software developers or other professionals really hard to become TopTal freelancer because they are making huge screening and testing process to filter and get that TOP 3%.

First time that was shocking for me, being more than 4 year at Upwork I saw extremely stupid people working as a freelancer and now someone found a way to clean up that people! So I decided to apply and be one of that 3% top software developers around the world.

You will definitely as again “But really Why?”, I would say it is really cool to hear that “You are in a TOP 3% software developers list”, it’s really looking great :) at toptal Web programmers network

The Interview Process

First of all you need to tell all details about you and your professional background, it will help them to schedule a call with you and be prepared what to ask.

The interesting part is that the technical interview is after few filtering cycles, so they are trying to understand you as a men, then as a professional. I liked that part!

If you are passing that part they will give you special task based on your skills, which will probably be some real world project to complete in a few days.

In most cases interview process is taking about 3 weeks, but it really will payoff!

I’m trying to get there because they have top companies as a client base, and working on projects from AirBnB, Zendesk or HP would be awesome!

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