Hello World !

“Hello World!” in Top 15 Programming Languages

Few days ago I saw top languages from Github activities https://octoverse.github.com/

Top 15 Programming Languages in Github.com

This gave me an idea “What it would be look like to make very minimal examples of all that languages in the same page?”. Seems crazy right? And that’s why I’ve done it!


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I wanted to point out the specific key point of each programming language, because when you are first starting with one of them you probably going to write Hello World! example just to see how it look like writing a code with that language and how actually it behaves as a final result.

Even from this simple list you can see which of that languages focused on simplicity. Personally I prefer JS, Go, Python and Rust(not in the list) but they all for different tasks of course. But for “Hello World!” example they all playing very well.