Web design: Why I switched from Adobe to Sketch for layout

Illustrator, Photoshop, Fireworks.. is popular Adobe software for laying out Websites. I used to use Adobe Illustrator and recently switched to Sketch(for Mac only), and I’ll tell you why.

#1 It is built well for Webdesign

No more hassle with pixels that are not snapping, setting canvas sizes, mess with symbols and styles — it is all done intuitive in Sketch.

#2 It has precision I need

Some people don’t even use a seperate tool for visual layout but go straight from paper sketch to HTML&CSS not to waste their time on styling their Webpage in Adobe program — Webpage that is not going to look like that when everything will be rebuilt in code itself. In Sketch, I feel that I am quicker, and really just “sketching” layout project before it is turned into code.

#3 It has good styling effects for Web design

It is something Adobe can do anytime, but Sketch makes it easy to be done quickly. I am talking about multiple shadows and symbol & text styles, that make my life easier. It can also generate CSS for that at the end, but I haven’t tried that yet.

#4 Layouting is easy

Sketch has a great system of Layers, Pages and Artboards. Layers panel makes it easy to group and select among many objects & adding styles to groups. Smart idea was that grouping the objects (cmd+g), groups corresponding layers as well. Each page can contain multiple Artboards, so I use Artboards to create Website versions for different screens, as well for creating different versions of Website page. I use multiple Pages for different pages of my Website project. Then I Mirror everything to my iPad and iPhone, so I can see instantly how the layout will look on all three devices.

Since I am using Sketch for only two weeks now, I bet this list could be longer. I keep going back to Illustrator only to use Round edges feature (only in CS6) and to create precise graphics that are going to be displayed on the Website , but not the layout itself.

Thank you, Sketch team, for this great product!

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