Abortion is it right?

The abortion debate argues whether it is right or wrong morally to abort a baby before natural childbirth.

‘In 2002 a new Chinese law put a man’s right to have a child on an equal footing with the right of his wife, and a man has sued his wife for infringing that right by having an abortion’ (BBC)

I completely agree with the statement above that the father should have a say in whether he would like to abort the unborn child or not. Although this sounds very easy and achievable both parents have to be in agreement. For example, if the father did not want to abort the baby and the mother wanted to it would be unfair to force the mother to go carry a baby she does not want for 9 months. So the statement above is would work in the ideal world but women have more power when it comes to this subject because it is their body that is going to have to go through various changes in the 9 months. Although I believe that the statement above is the fairest way I also believe that women should hold more of the power when deciding to abort or not to abort a child.

I believe abortion should be legal. I believe it should be legal because it is the parent’s choice on whether they believe they are fit and ready to support another life. A perfect example would be young pregnancies, I wouldn’t say being pregnant at a young age would ruin your life, as a baby is a blessing, however I would say it can change your life in an uncontrollable way and an abortion is the only way to avoid this situation. For example, if a young person was to fall pregnant whilst they are still in college it will change their life drastically. The change could be very positive for the young person but in this ever changing world it would likely be not a positive change in their life as it would mean they are likely to have to drop out of college to look after the newborn. With underage pregnancies I believe that abortion should be given to them as an option because with underage pregnancies premature babies are a very high risk because the young persons body would not have developed fully and will struggle to sustain another life form inside itself. I believe that having the baby should be the choice of the mother but she should be educated on the risks or an underage pregnancy. I also believe it is unfair to bring a child in the world with such risk because if the pregnancy ends with the unborn dying prematurely it affects the mother in such a way she will never forget as it will be her first pregnancy and it may affect her with future pregnancies.

Life is precious, there is no denying that but I strongly believe that abortion can help make life even more precious. I say this because some people aren’t able to afford abortions and they forced to bring children into the world that they are not able to support.

To conclude this opinion piece I am still very much in favor of abortions as I believe it should be the option of the couple having the baby and not the option of others and their morals because they are not being affected.

Disclaimer: Opinions in this piece have been altered to fit the project brief.

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