In 2005 America was the country with the largest immigration statistics and ten years later they are still the country with the largest immigration statistics. In the ten years between the two recordings of the statistics a further eight million immigrants have moved to America bring the total to 46,627,102 immigrants. There are many reasons to why countries like America have had big increases in immigrants moving to other countries and leaving their homes. One of these reasons are people will simply be moving with the intent to live a better life than they are living. Another reason could be people will move away from their home country because they don’t feel safe.

In my eyes immigration can be very positive because by allowing other cultures, religion and races into your country you are making your country more diverse. By having a diverse country you are making your country better. I say this because everyone has different skills. For example, if there are a variety of cultures in your country then business can be started to provide things that a certain culture needs thus creating jobs and boosting the economy. I think immigration is very important because it is known that in Britain the NHS struggles in providing good care sometimes. Alongside this it is important to mention that without immigration the NHS would be struggling even more because at least 26% of doctors in Britain are not English.

In 2014 it was recorded that there are 610,000 homes are not being lived in for 6 months which I thought was an important statistic to point out as anti-immigration supporters always argue there is not enough room to keep letting immigrants in.

Recent research shows that foreign-born people that move to Britain are less likely to claim out of work benefits compared to someone who will be born in the UK. This stat shows that a high number of immigrants that do move to the UK are here to work and not live off benefits.

There has been a study to show that most of the less glamorous jobs such as working as a cleaner or a fast food worker are occupied by immigrants. One argument I always hear is “they are stealing our jobs!” however given the opportunity some of the people with this view would not take the job they would rather stay at home on benefits. To be honest I can’t blame them because some people on benefits are making 20,000 plus thousand a year compared to someone working a full time job at McDonald’s making 18,000 a year.

To conclude this opinion piece on immigration I think that every country should be open to immigration. However when I say this I do not mean that countries should let everyone and anyone into their country as this would not be good for the country economically and quality of life wise. I believe that every country should have control of its boarders but not control of its boarders with the intention to reject a certain culture or race like the Donald Trump campaign promised.

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