To legalize or not to legalize

Hollyweed, Funny right? Why is Weed looked down upon and showed in s very negative light when it has been researched that it can be very helpful to some medical research and attempt to cure diseases that have not yet been found to have a cure. Weed, Marijuana or Cannabis which ever name you want to use has been shown to have positive effects on helping some individuals with such thing as pain relief from illnesses such as glaucoma, cancer and HIV.

I see it, as there’s two was to look at the argument for why weed is not legal and used in medical care. One reason or one way to look at it would be that pharmaceutical business’ prefer to stay away from the ‘drug’ because they don’t know how the plant can affect you in the long run so they would prefer to stay away from it. Another crazy opinion I have on it is that pharmaceuticals do not want to use the plant because every patient cured is a customer lost. This is a bit of a sinister way to look at it because it gives the effect the pharmaceutical companies would rather have ill people so that they still have people to sell their products to.

The graph to the right shows the decrease in prescription pills sold in states that have legalized marijuana. This graph is a good representation to why some pharmaceutical owners are against the legalization of marijuana for medical use. Some pharmaceutical owners are against medical marijuana because to sell medical marijuana you have to be given a license to do so and some owners would have been denied so they will be losing business to another pharmacy that has a license.

My views on the legalization of weed for recreational use are very open to the case. I have open views because I can see reasons in why it should be legalized and I can see reasons for it not to be legalized. My reason to be against its legalization are that people are not educated enough on the plant to understand its positives to society and it negatives to society. For instance it is going to be very hard to legalize a drug that has been looked down upon for so long. Some of these reasons are simply absurd as they made the drug illegal because black men were smoking the drug and impregnating white women — in America. Reasons like this are what obscure any reason for making the drug illegal in the first place. I am also against the legalization of marijuana because if it were made legal it would mean people could walk on the streets freely while smoking it around children. An example where this happens would be Amsterdam, as it has become a tourist destination for marijuana smokers.

My reasons to legalize weed would be the public need to be well informed about the risks of the drug, as I believe they have been misinformed by previous publication such as the cult film ‘Reefer Madness’ in 1936 by Lawrence Meade. The aim of the film was to portray weed in a negative light, which it appears to have succeeded in doing so as I have never seen the film myself but have been told various views from friends that have viewed it. So I believe that to legalize weed for recreational use people need to be better informed than information from things like ‘Reefer Madness’. If marijuana were to be made legal it would mean that there could be more control on how accessible it is. For instance the government would be able to regulate and apply taxes to it, creating more money for the government to be able to put back into the country. If marijuana was to be legalized the number of people in arrested and jailed for possession of the drug would decrease rapidly as it was reported that 658,000 people in America in 2012 were arrested for possession of the drug by the FBI.

Although I have a mixed opinion on whether the drug should be deemed legal or illegal, I am on the side of legalizing the drug as I feel I have informed myself about the dangers and the risks of the drug. I say legalize the plant but have regulations on it because too much of something is not good for you. My argument for marijuana being addictive is that anything can be addictive, something’s more than others. With a drug like marijuana that has not been found to have any addictive substances like cigarettes because of the nicotine it should be legal just like cigarettes and sold at the buyers risk.

I believe the legalization of the plant would have a positive outcome on society and even economically. This would all depend on how the government would regulate the consumer’s accessibility to the plant. With enough regulations the government can profit from weed been legal for recreational use. One simple example would be food sales. Food sales for things such as snacks would increase because when people have ‘the munchies’ from using the product they will want to buy something to eat to fill the void that needs to be filled. The government will be able to benefit from this because they will be able to choose how accessible the product is to the public and they will be able to put higher tax on snack foods that people will want to buy.


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