Nigeria Never Brought Back The Missing Girls
Ezinne Ukoha

The only hope we have is in those of us who are not entrenched in the current mentality that exists in here. I’ve been away for a long time and just returned about six months ago and it’s still (unfortunately) the same story.

The real problem is not what we lack, but rather the thinking of those we have put in a position to make decisions for us. It is old, archaic, and does a damn good job at separating us.

Those girls weren’t found due to lack of integrated cooperation, and accountability.

It’s sad we don’t have power still, but what’s even more depressing is that there is still the expectation that government or private industry for that matter will save us. It won’t. If we as people don’t start taking on the responsibility of solving some of these issues ourselves, there will be no positive change.

Last year the country voted in our current president who ran on the platform of “change” (Mind you he ran this country while as a military officer in the past so I don’t know how much change people were expecting). Still even if he was going to be “different” no one I spoke to ever bothered to ask what kind of change we were getting, no one.

My point… we never ask the tough questions, we never stand up and say “this is wrong”, we don’t do much to change our circumstance. Instead we wait to be saved happily suffering along the way.

I still hope that they are found, but I fear a lack of accountability is the true hindrance to that.

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